riotshambles (riotshambles) wrote,

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I'd go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear


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hey, this is nexi, im gonna add you as friend so you should add me too
Thanks!! Added ya :D
Hey it's Crank

I met you the other night :P I am adding you
Added ya back!! Checked your profile, I love anything to do with apples as well ;D
very festive. love your theme. <3
Thanks, Halloween is my fav. holiday :D
I added ya cos beer, dive-bars, hugs, my dog, puppies, rum, shopping, sleeping, tattoos, traveling, and truck stops (esp. Loves!!!!) are all good in my book.
halloween is the best. im excited. my costume idea was a zombie princess diana post car accident, of course. i dont know if i can pull it off without getting shot so i may have to switch to crack-whore brittney spears.
hey girl! its me. the shit got heavy in my old hood and i had to bust out my nine and puts some caps in some asses.... not really but i did have to change my username and start a new journal ;) you can catch me with this sn now. night!
gah I'm adding you!!!! Fucking been way busy got 2 jobs now and I take ages to get round to online stuff, very sorry!!!!!!!!
i was wondering what happened to you. i was starting to worry :(


13 years ago

Add me?
yes :D
Hey I know that I have been a really crappy ass friend but I would like a second chance..
You've not been crappy :-0 I remember really regretting you had moved before I got to see ya....but there's been alot of drama on lj so I kicked alot of people off, also I don't update here anymore. But I'll add you back, sorry!!!! :(